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Domain name registration.A Domain Name is unique Internet name that identifies you or your company to the rest of the Internet.  A Domain Name directs other people's computers to your Web site. Once you have registered your Domain Name, no one is able to use that name. A Domain Name appears in the form www.yourname.com.  You can also set up aliases for your Domain Name, so other people will be able to use your company name as their email address.  Domain Reservation will secure the Domain name of your Business.

Use the following form below to check for the availability of a domain name.  Simply enter the name you are looking for and click on submit.  If you would like webraptors to check and register a name for you, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you free of charge.   (Internic fees ($22.50) still apply for registration).

When entering domain names, do not enter "www." or append ".com" or other TLD (Top Level Domain).  Select the TLD below using the dropdown list.


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