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Welcome to the links and downloads section of our web site.  Here you will find our free ftp program available to download straight from our site as well as links to free graphics, clip art and valuable information.  I hope that you find this page useful and will continue to visit us as we add more links.  Contact us with your comments, suggestions or if you have a link you would like to share with us.  Thanks for visiting us online! 

In order to maintain your own site you will need to transfer files back and forth from your computer to our server so that it can be viewed on the web.  In order to do so, you will need to download and install an FTP program which can be done straight from our web site and its free!  Download now!  For more information on FTP and how it works click here.

InformIT (www.informit.com) is an online resource center that delivers premium IT content, access to industry experts, training courses, and news. They provide authoritative solutions in key topic areas for techies of all skill levels.

HTML Goodies (http://htmlgoodies.earthweb.com) excellent information on building and maintaining a site.  Covers anything from the basics to advanced html and even java scripting to make your site dynamic.  

So your looking for fonts to add some creativity and uniqueness to your site?  Check out these links for some fabulously free fonts......

FontFreak (www.fontfreak.com) Free fonts for pc and mac!
FreeWareFonts (www.freewarefonts.com) This page consists of tons of links to sites with free fonts.
Flaming Text (www.flamingtext.com) This site is dedicated to creating excellent graphics. You can create all types of images for web pages:  Logos, buttons, arrows and much more... It's free, easy and fast!  Create graphics like a pro in just seconds!

Looking for free graphics, but short on time?  Check out GoGraph (www.gograph.com) where you can do a search for the graphics your looking for instead of waiting for page after page to load and endless scrolling to find that one particular graphic you need for your site.  Its easy and its free! 
Free-Graphics This is another great site for free graphics.  Its offers over 20,000 free images broken down into categories so your search will be easy. (www.free-graphics.com)

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